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Alternative Hockey Bets – Different Options For Hockey Betting

Alternative Hockey Bets – Different Options for Hockey Betting

Hockey is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Canada. Most people place bets on either the moneyline or puck line. However, there are other options that will increase your enjoyment of a game. Here we look at alternative hockey bets.

Alterative Hockey Bets Total Goals

The first hockey bet many sports bettors place outside of moneyline or puck line bets is total goals. This is where the bettor places a bet if the total number of goals in a game or period is over or under a specific total.

For example, the total goals could be over or under 6 goals. If you believe there will be under 6 goals you will bet under 6 goals.

On top of the main over/under full-time market for total goals there are also alternative totals with shorter or longer odds depending on the likelihood of the outcome.

Alternative Hockey Bets – Total Team Goals

As well as total goals you can also bet on total team goals. So, the total goals scored by one team is bet on over or under a certain goal total.

First Goal

First goal bets are when a bettor places a bet on a team to score first. This most often does not include overtime.

Simply put, you bet on which team will score first.

There is also the option to bet on “no goal” if you believe the game will end scoreless in regular time.

Double Chance

Another alternative hockey bet is double change. Essentially, with double chance you can bet on two outcomes 1) a win and 2) a tie or 1) home team and 2) away team.

You have a double chance for your bet to hit.

Tie No Bet

Tie no bet is straightforward. If there is a tie then you get your stake returned.

Both Teams To Score Hockey Betting

Another very popular bet is both teams to score. In this bet you bet that both teams will score at least one goal each.

Both Teams to Score At Least Two Goals

A variation of the both teams to score bet is both teams to score at least two goals. This is betting that each team will score at least two goals.

Winning Margin Hockey Bets

You can bet on the margin of victory. Quite often there is a good range of options for these bets. Obviously, the odds lengthen and shorten according to the likelihood of the winning margin bet. It is a bet to consider if you have confidence in one team or the other.

Puck/Line Total Goals – Alternative Hockey Bet

Another bet is a combination of the puck line and total goals. This is interesting as there are two factors to consider. You select the team you think will beat the puck line and the over/under total goals in the game.

Player Assist Bets

Here you bet on if a specific player will get over/under the number of assists outlined. For example, Player X over or under 0.5 assists. This type of bet is very popular as there is a trend toward player prop bets across all sports.

Player Power Play Points

Hockey nerds love this bet. In summary, the number of points contained by a player during a power play is counted.

You will see, for example, the player name and the over/under power-play points required for the bet. So, Player X Over 0.5 or under 0.5 power-play points in the game.

A point is given to a player for every goal scored or assist earned.

Alternative Hockey Bets Conclusion

Hockey is a great sport. We have some of the best franchises here in Canada.

However, for those of you new to sports betting there are many options to place a bet, although the main focus is on the moneyline or puck line there are many other markets you can bet on.

From player props to total goals the options for Hockey Bettors are quite impressive. We have looked at some of the most popular alternatives to just betting on the moneyline or puck line for a hockey game.

In many cases, betting on some of the markets outlined above will make the game more interesting.

In summary, if you want to go beyond the moneyline or puck line there are lots of different options for you to bet on in hockey.

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