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Bet Types For Premier League Games

Bet Types for Premier League Games

When it comes to the cut and thrust of the Premier League, there are an incredible number of betting types to fill your slip and although a multitude of options can at times be confusing, our handy guide of the most popular, will have you clued up in no time at all. We have reviewed all the most popular Premier League Bet Types available on

Premier League Bet Types


This bet is the crux of all Premier League wagers, and it is as simple as trying to predict what the outcome will be in any of the 380 matches that take place per season. For example, if Tottenham are hosting Arsenal and you think Spurs will win, they act as the 1 in this bet.

While if you think that Arsenal will come out on top while away from home, they act as the 2 in this bet. Should you think it will be honours even and it ends in a draw, then this acts as the x. Simply make your choice and let the drama unfold in front of you.


Here it is the pursuit of goals which is most important, as it does not matter who comes out on top like in the example above. All the matters is the number of goals that hit the back of the net and usually three is the magic number.

Most punters select Over 2.5 on their betting slip and this means that if Manchester City and Everton score three goals between them, then this selection is a winner. By the same token, if they only score two or less, then it is a losing bet.

Both teams to score (BTTS)

This one is relatively simple in terms of naming convention, if only because what it says, is exactly what you need. Instead of a total number of goals being desired as above, all you need is for both teams to score at least once.

If Manchester United and Liverpool meet at Old Trafford and score at least once, then the bet is a winner. However, if Liverpool visit their arch-rivals and poach a 1-0 win in the last minute, the bet will not return anything in the way of profit.

Result and BTTS

This bet type is very similar to the one above, although it comes with a twist. One that needs a winner and both teams to score at the same time. Using the two teams above, a bet slip selection could read Manchester United and BTTS.

Which means if Manchester United were to beat Liverpool by two goals to one, both parts of the bet (the result and the BTTS) would have been ticked off. However, if United won by two goals to nil, the bet would not be successful.

Double Chance

This bet is in a similar vein to the 1×2 bet at the top of the list, only it offers something in the way of insurance. Say Manchester City are away at Chelsea and you are confident that they will get at least something from their trip to Stamford Bridge, that is where the double chance is your friend.

Because in this instance, you can opt for Manchester City to win or draw and as long as they avoid defeat then so do you. At the same time, you could opt for Chelsea and a draw or even just a winner from the game. The odds may be less than any 1×2 bet offering, but there is less risk attached to it.

Draw No Bet

In a similar vein to the bet above, this one also offers an element of insurance, and this comes courtesy of the fact that in this instance draws simply do not exist. If Burnley are playing at home to Brighton, then you have just one choice to make, and that is either home or away.

If you back Burnley and they win at home, then your bet will come good and of course, if you back Brighton and they lose, then so will you. However, if it is a draw, the bet is considered void, and your original stake will be handed back to you.

Correct Score

The simplest of bets in terms of what it means, but perhaps one of the hardest to nail down. All that you need to do here, is predict what the final score will be in any of the Premier League games you want to wager on.

With Newcastle playing host to Norwich, here it is not enough to simply pick the outcome, you will need to know what the final score is. The odds are greater than the 1×2 market, but the risk certainly matches the reward.

Half Time/Full Time

One of the most popular Premier League bet types. Here it is not just about what happens after 90 minutes, it is also a case of what happens after 45. Because instead of predicting what will happen at the final whistle, you also need to predict what will happen at the interval.

For example, your betting slip could read Draw/West Ham. Which means if West Ham are playing at home to Southampton and they are level at the break, but the Hammers then go on to win in the second half, your bet will be a winner.

Half Time Result

Similar to the bet above, but this time it is only what happens at the 45-minute marker which is of importance. While the best way to think of it, is as a slimmed down version of the 1×2 bet at the top of the article.

All you need to do is select what you think the outcome will be at the interval. If Leeds are playing at home to Brentford and you’ve picked Brentford to be winning at half-time, as long as they do their bit, the profit will be coming your way.

Clean Sheet

Most of the bets in our list have been ones chasing goals, this one though is the complete opposite. As in this example, all you need is for a team to not concede anything to their opponent and this is regardless of the final score.

For example, if Wolves are at home to Aston Villa and you have predicted the hosts to keep a clean sheet, all they need to do is keep the visitors at bay. Even if it is a 0-0 bore draw, you will still end up a winner.

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