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Bets To Include In Your Premier League Parlay

Bets To Include In Your Premier League Parlay

With each Premier League gameweek that comes around, it provides a whole host of betting opportunities and with the ability to combine those opportunities together in the form of a parlay, it can make your weekend soccer viewing habits all the more interesting.

Because with a parlay, a number of different picks can be added to one single bet slip and in doing so, it can largely increase the potential winnings that could come your way. However, when more picks are added, it also has the ability to create more pitfalls.

As always when it comes to sports betting of any kind, risk very much equals reward and for those who can pick a winning parlay, they will soon be counting their substantial winnings at the end of another instalment of Premier League action.

For those who are in the know, the parlay bet is one of the staples of any soccer season and it is one that the bookmakers love the most – if only because, many fans fall into the trap of aiming for a longshot.

The stakes are small, but the prize is big and although it may only be a small outlay to start with, this mindset is multiplied many times over. A mindset that usually sees a losing slip more often than not and that means an accumulation of riches for those who operate the sportsbooks.

However, it is not always like that, and it does not have to be either, as we are now going to provide some insight into just what you should be putting on your parlay coupon, in a bid to earn some profitability.

The Best Bet Types

Win Draw Win or 1×2 Market

This one is as simple (or it can be as difficult) as you like and with all matches having this market to start with, all any prospective punter needs to do is select the correct outcome in the upcoming fixture. One that in a league game will be either a home win, draw or away win.

While when it comes to this particular kind of bet, it pays to do your research and although the longer odds will represent something of a shock result, it is always logical to play the percentages in this instance.

Because there is nothing better than backing a home banker and although the odds that are on offer may be a great deal shorter, it is has a far greater chance of getting over the line – something which will be required in any decent parlay bet.

A handful of these safer selections will soon boost your odds accordingly and although betting safe is not deemed the most exciting of options, it does give you a far greater chance of picking a winning combination in the end.

Double Chance

While for those who prefer even greater security when it comes to their betting selections, the double chance market will be your friend. A friend that offers a greater level of insurance than the option above.

Let’s take an example of a recent Premier League fixture between Chelsea and Manchester City, one that would be incredibly hard to call via the method above. However, when it comes to the double chance, life becomes slightly easier.

Because say you were confident of Manchester City earning at least something from Stamford Bridge but were not brave enough to back them for outright victory, there is another option for you to call upon.

One that sees you opt for a Manchester City win against Chelsea and a draw (of course, you could pick the opposite, or you could even just select there be a winner of the fixture and not worry about who that winner will be) at lesser odds than the 1×2 market.

An extra layer of protection for those close to call encounters and with your bets being hedged, it also makes sense to place a bet of this kind on your parlay. Especially as the golden rule, is all about finding winners that have a much better chance of doing exactly that.

Both Teams To Score

With so many betting varieties on offer in this present day, you may be a punter who does not care for results and if that is the case, then it is more likely the pursuit of goals that piques your interest from week to week.

If that is the case, then you are certainly in luck as the Both Teams To Score bet has become one of the more popular parlay picks over the last few years and with this, all you are aiming for is a goal from each team during the course of 90 minutes.

Should the net be breached at least once for either side, then a winning bet is yours and for those who struggle to pick a winner in this market, then the tip is to pick the matches where the teams are both efficient in attack and leaky in defence.

While finding encounters of this kind may require some studying, due diligence will have a better chance of paying out and if you can discover the teams that are the more entertaining within the division, a winning selection should not be all that far away.

Over/Under Goals

While a slight variation of the Both Teams To Score market is that of the Over/Under and with this one also simply relying on nothing more than goals, you do not need to worry about who ends up winning or losing.

What will you need to worry about though, is just how many goals are scored in a particular game and with 2.5 being the benchmark for this type of bet (although you realistically bet from anything between 0.5 and 5.5 before kick-off), then three is certainly the magic number.

Quite simply, if you select Over 2.5 total goals in a game on your parlay, you will need a total of three goals for your bet to be a winner and if you select Under 2.5, anything more than a total of two goals will mean your bet is a loser.

Like with the Both Teams To Score market, it pays to be scrutinous. Then again, it is also one of the easier markets to find probability and if you put the effort in, then this parlay pick will be worth its weight in goals.

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