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CFL Betting Guide – Sports Betting Overview

CFL Betting Guide – Sports Betting Overview

When it comes to football globally NFL and CFB reign supreme from a sports betting context. However, here up north in Canada we have the oldest professional football league in the world. As a result, Canadians also like to place bets on the CFL making CFL betting popular north of the border.  

CFL Betting – Overview

While the money in the league pales in comparison to the NFL (most leagues and sports globally do) the action certainly doesn’t. In fact, as many football fans will attest the CFL is perhaps more exciting and offense focused. 

This will change how you approach your sports bets on the league, especially if you are a regular NFL bettor. 

All in all, the same concepts remain. The difference is in how you judge over/unders and points spread given the different rules when compared to the version of the game they play down south. 

As mentioned earlier, the same core bets are available across all football leagues. 

The Money Line – CFL Betting

This is the most simple bet you can place on the CFL. In summary, the moneyline is a bet on who will win the game. 

You don’t need to worry about points differences (spreads). You simply back who you think will win. 

However, if the game is between a team with a league-leading record and one with a losing record then the odds will be very short on the high-flying team winning. 

This may not be appealing to a lot of sports bettors. As a result, there are different markets that compensate for the “gap” in expected performance. 

Points Spread – Betting on the CFL

For those who like statistics, this is one of the most popular bets. Essentially you pick the team you think will get a better result than the spread suggests. Looking at match-ups on offense and defense as well as statistical analysis can help determine if a team can beat the spread. 

If you are used to NFL then make sure you make adjustments for the Canadian game. 

Ultimately, when it comes to CFL betting. Placing your bet on the points spread can often keep you bet alive throughout the game as a few scores near the end of the game can change the outcome. 

This is especially the case when compared to moneyline bets when a team could be out of sight by halftime. With points spread betting, depending on the spread your team may be losing heavily but with a large point spread your bet may actually win. 

Over/Under Bets CFL 

If you believe that the game may be high scoring then the over selection is the way to go. The opposite applies if you think it will be low scoring. 

For over/under bets it doesn’t matter which team wins as long as the total points scored exceeds or falls under the over/under total. 

Similar to any football bets it helps if you can run the stats and can understand match-ups that may result in an advantage for your selection. 

Over/under bets are very popular and can make a game fun to watch. It is a fun experience rooting for a score from any team.

Prop Bets – CFL Betting

Outside of the three main betting markets prop bets have gained in popularity. These include total points for a specific quarter. Player rushing or passing yards, receptions etc. 

In recent years CFL player prop bets are popular when available on a game. 

Grey Cup Betting 

Like the NFL does with the Super Bowl the CFL sees an increase in bets placed for the Grey Cup. The season showcase catches the attention of casual fans who decide to place a bet on the game. 

Given that there are nine teams who play in the CFL. Fans will be familiar with players. These can lead to better insights when it comes to on-field match-ups. 

Placing a bet on the Grey Cup can enhance the fun of the big event. 

CFL Betting – Conclusion

Betting on the CFL is a great way to enhance your experience as a fan. You should only bet with what you can afford to lose and always do your due diligence before placing a bet. 

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