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English Premier League Relegation Betting – What To Look For In A Promoted Team To Stay Up

English Premier League Relegation Betting – What To Look For In A Promoted Team to Stay Up

As this current Premier League season soon comes to an end, the focus will shortly pivot towards the three teams that have been promoted from the EFL Championship and although only two of the trio have been confirmed at the time of writing, we will soon know who else has moved divisions. Relegation betting for next season will start to be looked at by EPL fans.

Because for one of the quartet of teams that are currently competing in the EFL play-offs, it will be a winning ticket at the end of this footballing lottery and whether it be Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Huddersfield or Luton, life at the winning club will change dramatically.

A change that comes in not only a change of division but also a change in mentality and whereas it has been the pursuit of Premier League invites in the past, it soon becomes more about simply surviving at the end of the season.

Therefore, the task for the likes of Fulham, Bournemouth and one of the above is simple in outline but notoriously difficult to execute and although it is easy to say that 17th place is all any of these clubs will want, actually achieving such a standing is easier said than done.

Especially when you consider how hard it is for promoted clubs to keep their heads above water and with both Norwich and Watford returning to the EFL Championship at the first time of asking, they have once again succumbed to the unwanted status of being a yo-yo club.

A status that Fulham also know rather well and with them switching from the top and second-tier with as much regularity as Norwich themselves, now the West London outfit will look to finally re-establish themselves as a Premier League force.

West London Rivalry – Relegation Betting

While in doing so, they will also look to take their rivalry with Brentford up a notch and with Thomas Frank’s men holding their own during their inaugural Premier League entry, they could also act as a blueprint for their neighbours.

Because although Fulham have three Premier League promotions in the past five seasons, there has also been two relegations at Craven Cottage during the same period and the last thing they want is parity between the two metrics.

Should Fulham suffer the drop once more, then it will be a case of what goes up must come down for the third successive Premier League appearance and maybe this only further highlights the gap between the first and second tiers of English football.

However, Brentford have proved that you do not have to be caught in the cycle of yo-yo club and with safety now long since secured, they must soon worry about another issue that follows recently promoted sides.

One that is perhaps better known as ‘Second Season Syndrome’ and with this hampering clubs who avoided relegation at the first time of asking, they must also make sure that they do not fail at the second hurdle instead.
Then again, Brentford’s concerns are of no real interest to Fulham or Bournemouth for that matter and instead, they must look to emulate what the Bees managed to do between August of last year and May of this.

Goals Goals Goals – Relegation Betting

Ultimately for any promoted club to avoid relegation, they need a steady supply of goals. Not necessarily a Golden Boot level of return, but a pipeline that keeps trickling across the course of any Premier League campaign.
Something that was certainly the case at Brentford and although Ivan Toney was undoubtedly the talisman this season, the supporting cast were also ready to chip in with their own supply when called upon.

This is where the likes of Norwich and Watford went wrong in the same campaign and although they had talents such as Teemu Pukki and Emmanuel Dennis respectively, they did little when it came to causing headaches for opposition defences.

Of course, one cannot forget that Brentford did find themselves in something of a rut at the start of 2022 and were it not for the arrival of Christian Eriksen, their plight could have been a lot worse towards the bottom.
Thankfully though for Brentford, the return of the Dane to the Premier League was not only a fairy tale for the player involved but also his current employers and although there are perhaps extenuating circumstances regarding his move, a veteran would not go a miss for Fulham either.

Someone who has played at the very highest level in the past and now is simply looking to enjoy their football once again, while also winding down what has been an illustrious and successful career to date.

Admittedly these players do not grow on trees, and they are even more difficult for a promoted team to pick. However, they do exist and if their signature can be put on the dotted line of a contract, they are worth their weight in gold (or perhaps even goals)

A Case For The Defense

Then again, it is not all about what happens at the sharper end of the pitch, there is also the small matter of defence and if this unit of the team can be perceived as watertight, it will go a huge way to aiding any survival bid.

Because with goals being at a likely premium at one end, it means giving away too many at the other is nothing short of a cardinal sin and for any club that concedes two or more on average per Premier League outing, that is relegation in any language.

While this exact fate has happened to both Norwich and Watford at the end of the 2021/22 campaign and when you combine this with their paucity of goals scored, then these two factors will always accelerate any drop down a division.

Which means, if star strikers cannot be purchased, then tough defenders should certainly be next on the shopping list and as simple as it sounds if you do not concede goals in the Premier League, at the very least you will not come out on the losing side.


As has been outlined the key is how teams can strengthen both ends of the pitch in order to remain in the Premier League. As you have seen there are a number of considerations with respect to relegation betting.

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