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EPL Outright Betting – How The World Cup Will Impact Premier League Betting For 2022/2023

EPL Outright Betting – How the World Cup will Impact Premier League Betting for 2022/2023

As the dust has now settled on the 2021/22 Premier League campaign, the focus of EPL outright betting now quickly shifts over to the 2022/23 season instead and with the small matter of a FIFA World Cup placed within it, disruption is only just a few months away.

Not only because the Premier League has to work within an even tighter timeframe than before, but because the question of player fatigue will once again be asked and with so much football being played next season, it could also impact the outright betting markets as well.

EPL Outright Betting The Winter World Cup

Because nobody has had to deal with a winter World Cup before, the global football fraternity is soon going to launch itself into the unknown and with aftermath of a mid-season international tournament being an alien concept to us all, one wonders what the overall impact will be.

An impact that is largely going to be felt by those Premier League teams that have the most international stars and with World Cup representation going to be high at the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool, they are arguably have the most to lose.

EPL Outright Betting – Player Burnout

Especially as much has already been made about burnout at the end of this season – none more so than in the Liverpool camp and with the Merseyside men competing in every possible game they could during the 2021/22 campaign, there is little opportunity for rest in the summer.

With the World Cup taking place between November and December of this year, it not only means a slightly earlier start to the Premier League in August, but it also means a considerably higher number of midweek fixture rounds as well.

This means with the Liverpool squad already maxed out to the limit in the season just ended, fatigue will not only be on show at the start of August but will also be largely evident by the time this year’s World Cup has played out in Qatar.

Of course, title rivals Manchester City or even Chelsea are not going to be immune from such tiredness to big names and with a litany of names set to go to the Middle East in just a few months, it could well be to the detriment of their respective Premier League title bids.

All Eyes On North London

Bids that could well be derailed by the turn of next year and although Manchester City are getting ready to parade a player who will not be featuring in Qatar before Christmas, they cannot win the Premier League with Erling Haaland alone.

Admittedly Pep Guardiola’s newest toy will still strike fear into the other 19 teams in the division, but his lack of World Cup outing will do little to mitigate appearances by his new teammates and with the trio of City, Liverpool and Chelsea potentially looking leggy, a North London pair will look to pounce.

None more so than in the white half and with Tottenham securing a fourth-placed finish in the Premier League last season and a subsequent return to the Champions League, there is reason for optimism within the N17 postcode.

Especially as Tottenham’s latest managerial incumbent has been given a reported £150m war chest and with Antonio Conte being known as man who spends money wisely, this influx of funds could give Spurs a timely boost.

A boost that could also bridge the gap between themselves and three members of the elite club known as the big six and this is before the aforementioned risk of player fatigue elsewhere is factored in.

Because although Tottenham will be represented at the World Cup by the likes of Harry Kane, Hueng min-Son and Hugo Lloris, their own ranks will not be as depleted when compared to any of Manchester City, Liverpool, or Chelsea.

This means if Tottenham can stay in the early title hunt, it could well be they who find themselves with an extra gear in the second half of the season and in doing so, turbocharge their bid to win the Premier League for the first time.

Could Tottenham Benefit – EPL Betting 2022/2023

With this theory now live and in print, backing Tottenham in the outright market before the new Premier League season gets underway, is a bet that suddenly has a greater deal of credence than it did 12 months ago.

Then again, the same logic could also apply to Arsenal and although they have to deal with the dreaded cycle of Thursday Europa League football and Sunday Premier League football, they may not be as tired by the start of 2023.

Admittedly backing Arsenal to win a first Premier League crown since 2004 may be something of a stretch but at the same time, there is every chance that they are not cast adrift when it comes to genuine title contention.

Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Of course, when it comes to the big six of the Premier League, there is one outfit that is yet to have been mentioned and with Erik ten Hag now taking over the managerial reins from Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United, his first job will be to awake a giant from its footballing slumber.

With United only managing a sixth-placed finish last season, ten Hag’s rebuilding job at Old Trafford is going to have to start rather quickly and like the pair of Tottenham and Arsenal above, the key will be not to be cast adrift before the mid-season hiatus.

If the former Ajax boss can find a tune out of his newly inherited squad rather quickly, then United can make hay while the sun shines and with the Theatre of Dreams not waving goodbye to as many players for a month, they will not feel as big a World cup effect either.

EPL Outright Betting – Mid-Season World Cup Conclusion

Which means this season, the overall playing field is going to be a whole lot flatter and for the first time in a while, we could honestly see six genuine title contenders – something that suggests the Premier League outright market may have to be approached with considerable caution.

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