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EPL Parlay Betting – Soccer Parlay Bets Online

EPL Parlay Betting – Soccer Parlay Bets Online

The EPL has become more and more popular globally. There is an increased level of betting handle in Canada. As a result, one bet category that many sports bettors gravitate towards is EPL Parlay Betting.

Soccer is ideal for parlays. The range of games and combination of bets make soccer a leading sport for parlay betting. The reason for this is the wide range of possible bets that can be parlayed. As a result, bettors who are looking for high returns from relatively low stakes gravitate towards parlays.

EPL Parlay Betting – Overview

A parlay bet is a bet when multiple selections are made and all of the outcomes must win.

Here in Canada, we consider a bet with two or more outcomes combined to be a parlay.

Sports bettors from Europe often compare parlays to accumulators or accas as they like to call them. However, technically an accumulator is a bet consisting of four or more bets. Most commonly they are placed on soccer.

Parlay Betting

Win/Lose/Draw or 1 X 2

Building your parlay bet on win/lose/draw markets is the most popular approach. The more bets you include the higher the odds.

Because of this, many regular parlay bettors build their parlays from win/lose/draw bets.

Over/Under Goals

Also, many soccer bettors build their parlay from over/under goal markets. This is especially the case if there are a number of evenly matched teams playing over a week. If you believe that a number of games will be a goal fest or a bore draw then this type of bet could sit well in your parlay.

If you are waiting for your last leg to come in. An over/under bet can be more exciting as it doesn’t matter what team wins. A team may be up by a number of goals but your over/under parlay bet could win up to the final whistle.

Typical EPL Parlay Strategies

  • Home Teams to Win
  • Heavy favourites
  • Both Teams to Score on multiple games

Some people regularly feature Manchester City or Liverpool in their bets in combination with any other in-form team.

Outside England – Soccer Parlays Across Multiple Leagues

You can include EPL bets in a larger soccer parlay which includes bets from other leagues throughout the world. So, EPL bets can be combined with bets from La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga to make your parlay.

Related Contingencies 

For any parlay bet you must consider related contingencies. Normally your online sportsbook will automatically prevent these from occurring. Essentially a related contingency is an event that is likely to be impacted by another event. So in betting terms if two events occurring are related or contribute to each other occurring then they can be flagged under related contingency rules.


Ultimately, parlay bets on the EPL are a great way to add a little more excitement to the soccer action across the pond. In summary, for bettors looking to win big from a low stake then parlays are definitely they should consider.

All in all, as the popularity of betting on the English Premier League increases so will the demand for parlay bets on soccer.

In Canada, there has been a culture of parlay betting for a long time. However, as a sports-mad nation, we embrace many sports. As a result, Canadian sports bettors are likely to continue the trend of English Premier League betting for the foreseeable future.

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