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How To Bet On NHL Props

How To Bet On NHL Props

Proposition bets, known as prop bets, exploded on to the scene thanks in large part to the Super Bowl. NHL Props bets give bettors the chance to wager on scenarios that add entertainment value while not directly impacting moneyline, puck line or over/under wagers.

What are NHL Props?

While NHL prop bets often have an indirect effect on the result, they are independent wagers made in silo, all of which belong to the three following categories: Player props, team props and NHL futures.

Some prop bets, like picking whether the total number of goals in a game will be even or odd, are based on pure chance, while the success of others is decidedly predicated on the bettor’s willingness to learn, research and embrace becoming students of the game.

Types of Props

Player Props

Player prop bets allow bettors to back an individual on a variety of personal accomplishments within a game. Goals, assists and points are the most popular in-game player props and can pay out handsomely. Other player props include scoring a goal anytime, shots on goal (over/under), scoring the first goal, goals and assists (over/under), scoring multiple goals, total points (over/under) and penalty minutes (over/under).

While less readily available than team props, player props are extremely advantageous when an individual player is on a hot streak or when a bettor has in-depth knowledge of how an individual performs in certain game scenarios.

Connor McDavid, for example, was prolific in regular season contests against the Winnipeg Jets during the 2020-2021 campaign, scoring seven goals and adding 15 helpers in nine starts. Backing McDavid to continue his individual success against the Jets is a sound player prop to get behind. also recommends honing in on the shots-on-goal player prop. It’s a black and white bet that is dependent on less variables than other player props. While a strong defensive team invariably blocks more shots than a shaky one, electrifying offensive players find a way to get shots through. Goals are often too dependent on the performance of netminders. At least with shots you immediately cut down on variables outside of your control.

Team Props

Team props are more widely available than player props and offer an array of appealing options. If your interest in how a collective performs goes beyond the final score and outcome of games, team prop betting has all the trimmings to become a formidable weapon in your weekly betting arsenal.

The most popular team NHL props bets include, but are not exhaustive of, teams goals scored (over/under), shots on goal (over/under), powerplay goals (over/under), team to score first, both teams to score in the first period, last team to score, both teams to score at least two goals and team to win or tie, referred to as a double chance.

Futures Props

Logically, futures props are all about wagering on eventual outcomes down the line. If you have a strong feeling about how many points a team will finish the season with, have a look at what their over/under sits at and bet accordingly. Total team points is just one of many futures prop options. The following are a sample of futures prop betting options: Team to win the Stanley Cup, team to win the Eastern/Western Conference and divisional winners.

The other intriguing, compelling NHL futures option is wagering on individual award winners. Will Connor McDavid or David Pastrnak win the Hart Trophy? How about Andrei Vasilevskiy’s chances of repeating as the Vezina winner? While you have to show impressive patience to find out whether your prediction is a winner, this particular bet type keeps you engaged on proceedings throughout the NHL season.

Popular NHL Team Prop Bets

Over/Under Goals

The over/under goals market is bona-fide bettors’ favourite. The over/under on NHL games is almost always set at 5.5, 6.0 or 6.5 goals. If you go with the under bet, both teams cannot score more than five goals while both teams must score a combined seven or more for the over bet to pay out.

Though a highly enticing form of prop bet, recommends that you put in the legwork before placing any total goals wagers. Take an in-depth look at recent form and find games on which your decision is based on a slew of insights, trends and hard cold facts.

Don’t let your intuition be the sole factor in deciding whether a game will be low scoring or a high-scoring shootout. Is a team struggling to score on the road, is the home team enjoying a rich vein of form thanks to the first two lines scoring at an astonishing rate? Is the away team’s number one netminder injured and does the home team have one of the stingiest defences in the league? You’ll want to base your over/under decision on numerous factors, including recent form and established long-term trends.

Teams to score first goal

Backing a team to score first is an appealing bet type, especially for those who desire a quick, exhilarating outcome. There is an art and science behind which team to back on this particular team prop. Some teams come out of the gate like gangbusters, scoring first at an impressively disproportionate rate.

During the 2020-2021 campaign, the Vegas Golden Knights scored first in 36 of 56 games (64 percent). That’s a compelling majority, which, in combination with other notable analytics, will help you decide where the smart money lies. Also, consider the team’s lineup, whether they score first more on the road or at home and how frequently the opposition notches the opener.

Futures Prop Bets

Over/Under Season Wins

As far as futures go, predicting the over/under on total team wins gets tons of traction. While it’s better, for optimal betting lines, to finalize your wager early in the season, there is nothing preventing you from getting involved as the season progresses.

To optimize your chances of winning this bet type, it’s crucial to delve into a team’s lineup and discover whether their chances of accumulating more wins from the previous campaign has improved. Does the team you’re interested in backing have the same netminder and is he in his prime or approaching the twilight of his career? Has the general manager improved the defensive core and is the team’s best player vying for a new contract, or has he just signed an extension?

If the team’s most prolific scorer is playing for a new contract, expect his numbers to increase, thereby improving the team’s chances of winning more games. You’ll also want to find out whether the teams in their division, as more games are played against divisional foes, have gotten better or regressed.

NHL Awards Prop Bets

NHL award prop bets are a long-term futures bet, fostering continued excitement and investment.

Betting on NHL seasonal performance awards – including the Hart Trophy (Most Valuable Player), Calder Trophy (Rookie of the Year), Conn Smythe Trophy (NHL playoff MVP), Jack Adams Award (Coach of the Year), Vezina Trophy (best goalie), Norris Trophy (top defenseman), Art Ross Trophy (points leader) and Rocket Richard Trophy (most goals scored) – is an excellent way to accumulate knowledge about individuals, which will benefit you greatly when deciding on a myriad of other prop bet opportunities.

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