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Outright Betting Without The ‘Big 6’

Outright Betting without the ‘Big 6’

For those who are new to the world of the English Premier League, you may have come across the use of the term ‘Big 6’ and although each of the 20 teams that are in the competition are big, half a dozen of those are even bigger.

Because the ‘Big 6’ are the powerhouses of the English game and where there is a trophy to be awarded at the end of the season, the recipient is usually a member of this very private and elite footballing cartel.

Who Are The Big 6?

The ‘Big 6’ is a terminology that has been constructed by the English sporting media over the past decade or so and it is a group that has grown in size since its original construct the ‘Big 4’ at the turn of the millennium.

Before two more invites were handed out at the start of the previous decade, the top table of English football only had a quartet of diners and the gang of four consisted of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

While their party was first gatecrashed by Tottenham back in 2010, as they finally broke the previously impenetrable glass ceiling above them and earned qualification to the Champions League for the first time.

With four becoming five, it quickly became six the following campaign – as the revolution at Manchester City was picking up pace under their then new Etihad owners and with their invite to the elite quickly accepted, the ‘Big 6’ was finally born.

Their Dominance


Of course, this moniker is not one without merit and with these clubs all having continual desires to play in the Champions League, there will always be two teams who are disappointed at the end of each Premier League season.

That is because the UEFA governed competition only awards four automatic berths to its premier club competition and with these six clubs duking it out across each edition of the Premier League, there is no shortage of drama on offer.

While such is their dominance, it creates something of a chasm when it comes to the outright Premier League market at the start or during the season and although the formbook is sometimes thrown out the window (Leicester in 2016), the winner will usually only ever come from these six.

Which is why betting companies are constantly thinking outside the box in a bid to collect your betting slips and with the ‘Big 6’ being a collective force within English football, betting on any club outside the group to win the league title is something of a fool’s errand.

Which is why the Without Big 6 market is one that has generated a lot of interest in the past few years, and it is one, that levels the playing field considerably in terms of who will win the Premier League.

A Win With A Difference

Because although the likes of Manchester City or Liverpool may win the Premier League outright and be able to get their hands on the trophy, for the purpose of the Without Big 6 market, they simply do not exist.

This means, there are only 14 teams for you to choose from in terms of who you think will be the highest ranked team outside the half dozen clubs mentioned and if you make the correct decision, you will end up a winner.

Big Not Always Best

While although the ‘Big 6’ have been the dominant force within the Premier League for a decade or so, the sands of English football are seemingly shifting and just because they are the biggest, does not necessarily mean the best.

To the point where the moniker that has been previously applied, is now looking somewhat out of date and with Leicester adding two top-six finishes to their 2016 fairy tale success, this very notion is in danger of being ended once for all.

Especially if Newcastle’s new owners follow through with their grand ambitions and with the Tyneside outfit seemingly winning football’s lottery, they will soon no longer be looking to simply make up the numbers in the Premier League.

Which means those clubs who are considered the ‘Big 6’ now, are no longer guaranteed a top-six finish this season and as far as the bet itself goes, all you need to do is select which club will upset the applecart each year.

Because it is not a case of picking which outsider will only finish seventh, now these previously relative also-rans are poking their noses where they are not wanted and making their lives uncomfortable for those who have ruled the roost for so long.

Fading Fortunes

While with the need to stay at the top of the table becoming one that is more and more expensive, there is also a sense that a couple of the ‘Big 6’ are starting to fade away because they simply do not have the necessary finances.

Something that Tottenham and Arsenal are all to aware of and after finishing outside the top-six last season, there is absolutely no guarantee that any reversal of fortune will be afforded to them this time around.

With Leicester and West Ham taking last season’s slots in the top-six, they have got a taste for rubbing shoulders with the big guns and they will want to make sure, that they are not excluded from the latest party.

Which is why betting on either of these two clubs to be the Without Big 6 winner for this season, is a rather shrewd suggestion and your money would be well placed on either Brendan Rodgers’ Foxes or David Moyes’ Hammers.

Then again, one cannot discredit Everton either and although they have failed to match their lofty ambitions in recent times, they are now under the stewardship of Rafael Benitez – as the former Liverpool boss crosses Merseyside.

That move may have been rather controversial, but there is no doubt that he is a born winner and although claiming this season’s Premier League outright may be something of a stretch, being the winner of the Without Big 6 market is not.

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