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Puck Line Bet – A Core Hockey Bet

Puck Line Bet – A Core Hockey Bet

From a betting perspective hockey is an interesting sport. There are lots of permutations across player props through to analysing power plays. However, one of the core fundamentals of hockey betting is the puck line.

Those of you familiar with football should know all about the spread. The puck line is exactly the same but applied to hockey. For baseball fans, it is the same as the runline.

This makes games more interesting. If there is a large favourite you can that the underdog plus goals. As a result, it allows more nuance to your betting approach to hockey.

Many regular hockey bettors use the puck line when looking at picking underdogs. Conversely, if their is a prohibitive favourite, betting the puck line +1.5 goals will give you a better return if you have confidence in the team to win by 2 or more goals.

Puck Line Examples

When placing a puck line bet you should look under the appropriate market. Here you will see the options for placing a puck line bet.

Please note that the example below is for illustrative purposes.

puck line odds hockey

As you can see the puck line or spread of plus or minus 1.5 goals is outlined beside the selection.

Puck Line – Per Period

There is often the option to bet on the puck line for each period. Again, to find the puck line for a specific period look for the market and make sure the description matches your intended bet. At VIPCasino puck line markets for a specific period look like this.


Note: odds above a representative for example purposes only and not live odds.

Moneyline Betting on Hockey

The moneyline is a simpler bet than the puck line. Basically, it is a bet on who will win the game outright. Plus or minus goals are not considered.

However, there is the option of the draw to bet on. All in all, the moneyline bet is very popular. Especially will more casual sports bettors.

Betting on the draw is a key reason why some people choose the money line. Primarily, the moneyline option allows you to bet on the winner pure and simple.

As with other sports such as football and baseball, the moneyline option should be considered in comparison to the puck line (spread or runline).

Puck Line Asian Lines

The Puck Line Asian Line market is another option to bet on the puck line. The lines and odds are different. This type of bet is becoming more and more popular having previously been the reserve of experienced sports bettors.

Here is an example of this market as presented here at VIPCasino.

puck line asian lines hockey

Note: Odds are just for demonstration purposes only.

Alternate Puck Lines

There are also alternate puck line bets available. These options give you additional choices. Many bettors opt for an alternative puck line if they see opportunities outside of the standard line.

Again, similar to Football spreads, these options may be of interest depending on your analysis of the matchup.

Here is an example of alternate puck lines.



All in all the puck line is a great option when betting on hockey. It is a staple hockey bet that is popular with casual and experienced bettors alike.

It can make a game where there is an overwhelming favourite interesting and also gives scope for in-depth analysis to be applied outside of the standard moneyline.

The puck line can also be included in parlays which is also quite popular.

In summary, the puck line in hockey is the same as the spread in football and the runline in baseball.

For both new sports bettors and experienced hockey bettors, the puck line remains a popular option.

You can bet on hockey at VIPCasino.

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