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World Cup Betting Golden Glove – Top Five Contenders

World Cup Betting Golden Glove – Top Five Contenders

Overview: World Cup Betting Golden Glove

Although winning the FIFA World Cup can be considered the holy grail for any football player, it is not the only award that is handed out at the finals. For those who keep an eye on individual prizes, you may be aware of the Golden Boot.

An accolade is handed out to the player who scores the most goals for his nation. An award that has been handed out to the likes of Brazil’s Ronaldo, Germany’s Thomas Muller, and England’s Harry Kane.

World Cup Betting Golden Glove – Background

However, the focus is not only placed on the sharper end of the pitch, but there is also a prize for performances at the opposite end. With goalkeepers also being afforded some of the World Cup limelight, they find themselves in the race for the Golden Glove award.

The Golden Glove was first given out in 1994 and has since been given to seven goalkeepers. The bulk of the time, the winning team’s goalkeeper wins it; the only two exceptions were Belgium’s Thibaut Courtois in the most recent World Cup and compatriot Michel Preud’homme in 1994.

As for the full list of seven previous winners, it is one that looks as follows:

List of World Cup Golden Glove Winners

1994 United States Michel Preud’homme
1998 France Fabien Barthez
2002 South Korea/Japan Oliver Kahn
2006 Germany Gianluigi Buffon
2010 South Africa Iker Casillas
2014 Brazil Manuel Neuer
2018 Russia Thibaut Courtois


Golden Gove – 2022 Contenders

Now though, we are going to look at the class of 2022 and highlight which five candidates have the best chance of winning this goalkeeping prize in Qatar:


If the winners of the World Cup usually supply the winner of Golden Glove as well, Allisson of Brazil may be taking measurements on his trophy cabinet already. With the Liverpool shotstopper managing to keep compatriot Ederson at bay, he will now need to show why he is number one.

A task that should not be too difficult when you consider Allison’s goalkeeping prowess. He may not be the biggest player between the sticks but at the same time, he still manages to fill the whole goal. Add his ability to even make goals and he will offer a huge platform for Brazil to build upon.

Although Brazil are known the world over for their brand of samba football, they have become more pragmatic in recent years. Pragmatism that stems from the back and with Allison performing at the very back, his ten teammates are in very safe hands.

As a result, the Liverpool shot-stopper is a serious contender.

Thibaut Courtois

From safe hands to big hands. With Thibaut Courtois acting as the current recipient of the Golden Glove, the Belgian goalkeeper will now look to make history. History that comes in the form of winning the award at successive World Cup finals.

The reason that Courtois was the winner four years ago, was due to his part in helping Belgium finish third in the tournament. Although whether the Red Devils can repeat their own achievement from four years ago is something that seems unlikely.

This means if Belgium’s progress is subsequently halted, Courtois’ chances of winning a second successive Golden Glove will be further diminished. It is hard to win this award once, it is incredibly difficult to win twice.

Therefore, Courtois may not repeat what he achieved four years ago.

Manuel Neuer

Difficult but not impossible and this is what Germany’s Manuel Neuer will be latching onto. With he and Courtois going to this year’s World Cup as former Golden Glove winners, the Bayern Munich star will look to wrestle back possession of the award.

Possession that he first gained in Brazil eight years ago and with Neuer being an integral part in Germany’s overall success in South America, he will now be tasked with the same contribution in the Middle East.

A lot will depend on how Germany navigate themselves out of Group F. If they can get the better of Spain, life it will be a lot easier in the knockout phase. If they only manage to advance as runners-up, a second final in three attempts may prove to be a rather tall order.

Emiliano Martinez

As mentioned previously, if you win the World Cup as a nation, the goalkeeper has a considerable chance of winning the Golden Glove. With this in mind, Emiliano Martinez will be keeping a fixed eye on teammate Lionel Messi.

Although many are saying this could be Brazil’s year, the romantics are saying that 2022 is finally the year of the diminutive Argentine. If this proves to be the case, it could also thrust the Aston Villa keeper into the limelight.

Of course, that is not to say that Martinez is not capable between the sticks. Such a statement would be a massive disservice to the former Arsenal player. If he lives up to his end of the bargain, he may just get his hands on a World Cup and Golden Glove double.

Hugo Lloris

A double that fell through the fingertips of Hugo Lloris four years ago and although the French captain did manage to lift the World Cup trophy aloft in Moscow’s pouring rain, the Golden Glove prize was handed out elsewhere.

There is no doubting Lloris’ acumen in goal, although one does wonder if father time is starting to get the better of him. With mistakes creeping into his game at Tottenham, national manager Didier Deschamps will hope the same does not occur in Qatar.

While there is also the ticking timebomb which is the France squad. Ludicrous amount of talent but ludicrous amount of ego to go with it.  As a result, if the holders believe that skill alone will carry them through, Lloris and his cohorts will certainly be punished.

Honourable Mentions

With 32 nations vying for global supremacy in Qatar, it would be unfair to highlight only five goalkeepers and with Unai Simon being the new kid on the block for Spain, what better way to truly announce yourself than by winning the Golden Glove.

Like Manuel Neuer, his success is linked to Spain’s overall efforts and the same could be said to either Jordan Pickford or Aaron Ramsdale in the England goal. Should either be given the nod by Gareth Southgate, they will look to repay their gratitude in the best possible way.

As a result, we see a surprise winner of the Golden Glove.


Wolrd Cup Betting Golden Glove – Conclusion

There are many things to consider who will win the Golden Glove at this years World Cup. It will be interesting to see which goalkeeper stands out throughout the tournament.

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