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Premier League Futures Explained

Premier League Futures Explained

While although many bettors want an element of immediacy when it comes to their weekend soccer wagers, it does also pay to look to the future and with a number of markets offering odds across the course of the season, sometimes patience really is a virtue. In this article we take a look through some popular Premier League futures bets.

Because instead of backing a particular outcome in one single Premier League fixture, you can instead bet on what will happen at the end of the season and if you are prepared to wait a few months, then profitability could be around the corner.

Which means now it is time to dissect just what markets are available in terms of futures and although we may already be halfway through this current campaign, there is still plenty of time left to place a long-term bet. You can read more of our Premier League betting guides here.

Top Goalscorer

When it comes to futures bets, they do not get any more popular than the pursuit of goals and with the Golden Boot being the accolade awarded to the player who scores the most Premier League goals in a season, you can also win when your favourite forward hits the back the net.

The wager is as simple as it sounds and for any bettor to win this market, you must select which player will score the highest number of Premier League goals between August of one year to May of the next.

Will it be Mohamed Salah of Liverpool, as he dances his way around opposition defenders or will it be Jamie Vardy of Leicester, as the evergreen forward shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Of course, these are just two of the potential options that you can call upon and with a litany of world-class talent operating within the Premier League, picking a lead marksman is not as easy as you would think.

Top 4

This futures bet is based around those teams who dream of competing in the Champions League on a regular basis and with four invites being awarded to the Premier League each season, the Top 4 is considered as the promised land for so many.

A glass ceiling that only a handful of clubs have broken through and with it being more and more competitive each year, the battle for finishing within the top quartet of Premier League entrants, is nothing less than cutthroat.

While such a bet is usually the preserve of those who are members of the group known as the “Big Six” and if you are to place a Top 4 futures bet, then it best placed on the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, or Liverpool.

At the same time, such a prize is not exclusive to the half-dozen outfits above and for those who like to extract a little more value from their bets, the likes of West Ham or Leicester may also be worth your consideration.


This futures bet is as simple as it gets. Here you are backing which team you think will the Premier League in any given season and with the trio of Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool pulling clear, your wager will be best placed on either of these three.

With these three clubs now looking head and shoulders above the rest, this season’s Premier League winner can only come from this cabal of elite outfits. The difficult part is selecting who will scoop the outright honours in May of 2022.

Winner Without

In terms of this futures bet, there are a lot of similarities to the market above. However, it does also come with a considerable difference at the same time, and this is the fact that one team will have been removed in terms of odds.

For the purpose of the Premier League, the team removed is usually the defending champions or the outright favourites at the beginning of the season (if the two are different, it is usually latter) and for this current season, it means that Manchester City are taken out of the equation.

Which means, if Manchester City do manage to defend their Premier League crown, the ‘winner’ in this instance will be whoever finishes second. Of course, if Pep Guardiola’s men failed to keep hold of their title, whoever won the league would also be declared the ‘winner’ in this market as well.

Fair Play Winners

While although this one of the rarer Premier League futures bets, it is still one that proves popular and although teams in mid-table will never be considered for any of the previous three markets, they will be in with a shout within this one.

That’s because the Fair Play Winners future is one that looks at which team has been the best behaved on the pitch across nine months and the way this is calculated is via the tally of red and yellow cards that have been awarded.

For those teams who avoid confrontation on a regular basis, they are more likely to be priced shorter than those who like to rough it up and if you keep a regular eye on the disciplinary stats within the Premier League, there is potential to make some money at the same time.

Highest Finish For Promoted Side

This futures bet is only relevant for three clubs and this season, it will be worth keeping an eye on the plight of Brentford, Watford, and Norwich. Because whoever finishes top out of this trio, will be ranked the highest promoted side.

With these three all moving up from the EFL Championship last season, they are now competing in the Premier League and with the latter two already changing their manager before Christmas, it has not been the best of starts.

However, a new manager bounce is something that can always catapult a team up the table and if either the Hornets or the Canaries can get their house in order, then they may just overtake Brentford along the way.

Which means, this particular futures may be one of the more keenly contested between now and the end of the season. The question is, just which of the three will finish higher up the table than the other two?

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