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Soccer Live Betting Guide – Overview Of Bets On Live Soccer Matches

Soccer Live Betting Guide – Overview of Bets On Live Soccer Matches

Soccer is a popular sport for sports betting in Canada. A growing segment is soccer live betting. Many sports bettors enjoy betting on games while they are in-play. They believe that if they can read the action and identify trends they can see which team is likely to have the upperhand.

Live soccer betting is placing bets on various outcomes when the soccer game is ongoing. It is fast-paced and adds to the enjoyment of watching a game at home on the T.V (when done responsibly).

Soccer Live Betting – Dual Screen Experience

The dual-screen experience where a sports bettor watches a game on their TV but places live bets on their phone or tablet is a core reason for the popularity of in-play betting.

As a result, many sports especially tennis and soccer can offer an enhanced game experience if the viewer enjoys placing bets.

Customer experience is key to the success of in-play soccer betting. Ultimately, instead of placing a bet before kick-off, bettors can see how games unfold and identify trends while backing how they believe the game turnout.

Live Betting Mobile Devices

Live betting on mobile devices is the more popular way to bet on in-play action. If you are not watching the game on a T.V. you can follow the play through live graphical updates on your phone.

Tablet – In-Play Betting

For those betting at home while watching the game. A tablet is a good option. You can see the graphical updates as you watch the game. However, essentially you get a similar experience to those using their mobile phones, just with a bigger screen.

Betting – Multiple Leagues and Tournaments Available

It is not just the EPL and other major European and global leagues available. Multiple leagues and competitions from across the globe have games on which you can place live bets on.

As a result, the league you follow is likely to have a live betting option on games.

Odds Change During the Match

Odds for in-play betting markets change during the match. Many bettors enjoy this as they can see how odds change based on how the game is being played.

Here are some bets you can place during a soccer match.

Soccer Live Betting – Common Bets

1×2 or Win, Lose, Draw

Odds change as the game develops, especially if one team scores.

1×2 or Win, Lose, Draw per Half

This bet looks a the result over the duration of the half concerned

First Goal (Team)

Bet on the first team to score. Bettors look at the momentum as it swings through the game before they place a bet.

Total Goals

The total goals in the game. Usually presented as “over x goals” – If a key defender is sent-off or striker is on form this will influence the chances of more goals being scored than normal.

Both Teams to Score

A popular soccer live bet. Bothe teams must score at least one goal in the match.

Team to Win to Nil

Your selection must win and the other team not score. If a team has scored first and looks well set up defensively this bet may make sense.

Other common bets for Soccer Live Betting:

  • Over/Under
  • Team Total Goals
  • Correct Score
  • 3-Way Spread
  • Half Time/Fulltime
  • Asian Handicap

In-Play Soccer Betting – Conclusion

All in all live betting on soccer enhances the experience of watching and betting on a match. For fans of soccer they can observe how one team is doing against their opponents and place bets according to what they see occurring in the match.

It brings a layer of interactivity to watching games while placing bets.

As a result, more and more sports bettors are placing best in-play during live games.

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