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EPL Betting: The Benefits Of Create Your Bet

EPL Betting: The Benefits of Create Your Bet

With a multitude of betting options being made available within the world of football, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start and this difficulty is faced by both new and established punters alike.

Because with their being so many potential choices for your betting slip, it can often lead to an element of confusion and although you may not have necessarily known the best route of travel in the past, thankfully your betting destination is now a whole lot clearer.

In the past, options such as over/under total goals, number of corners, double chance or player to be carded, would all have to be placed on separate betting slips and it would be difficult to keep track of all your weekend wagers.

However, with the birth of Create Your Bet markets, it means you can create a smorgasbord of betting picks and all within the same Premier League fixture – something that will only heighten your interest levels further.


With Create Your Bet being the new kid on the block, it may be a term that has passed some bettors by and for those who are not in the know and want to get up to speed, it is a bet that allows a whole range of different markets to be combined into one overall bet. The Create Your Bet function has proved very popular on

In a sense it acts like a parlay bet, but whereas the parlay bet may be a combination of choices across multiple matches, this is one game in isolation and all the variations of betting markets that go with it.

For example, we can use Liverpool’s recent heavyweight clash with Manchester City as a starting point for our Create Your Bet and with a combination of markets being added to your slip, your sole focus would have been squarely on events at Anfield.

Let’s say your Create Your Bet looked as follows:

Liverpool vs Manchester City – Under 4.5 Goals

James Milner to be booked

Under 10.5 Corners

Liverpool Double Chance

Each of the four selections are taken from the respective markets that would be offered before or during the game and just like a parlay, the individual odds would be combined into one single potential payout.

Now had you the foresight to pick the above, you would have been a winner. Whether you would have picked these with the benefit of hindsight is something that can be argued, although let’s assume that you did and you are now celebrating considerably.

While the reason that you are celebrating considerably, is that you only need to focus and specialise on the outcomes within this one fixture, if you know your Salah’s from your Sterling’s and your Jota’s from your Jesus’s then you are in luck.


Because when it comes to a parlay bet, let’s assume, it is a simple WDW or 1×2 bet with six different teams that have been selected for victory. They could even be all home teams for example and an example that looks like this:

Manchester United vs Everton

Burnley vs Norwich

Chelsea vs Southampton

Leeds vs Watford

Wolves vs Newcastle

Brighton vs Arsenal

Italics are the parlay bet picks.

Above sits a rather logical six-fold parlay bet, one that sees all the home teams being backed in a recent weekend of Premier League football and although the home team does not win all the time, it certainly has a better chance of doing so.

While looking at the half-dozen fixtures above, each of the home teams were placed higher in the league before the start of the weekend’s action and this means, picking six home wins would be a rather shrewd move.

However, one of the best things about the Premier League is that it serves up an incredible amount of unpredictability and of the six selections that we have made on our dummy parlay, only three got over the line.

Then again, had we taken out a form of insurance and opted for a double chance parlay instead, this would have been a winner, as no home team lost across the course of the weekend. Then again, in this exercise we rolled the dice and came up rather short.

Something that signifies why the Create Your Bet option has far greater benefits, if only because you are relying on two teams at most to help you win, rather than hoping for six teams to come out on top in a rather volatile competition.

A parlay is popular because it can offer a fantastic return for those who get it right. The only problem is that so few of them are right and with more teams being added into the mix, there are far more things that can also go wrong.

However, with a Create Your Bet coupon, you can even make the bet in-play and learn from what you have watched in the first 10-15 minutes of the game, which means you have a far greater chance of winning – albeit at slightly diminished odds.


If we were to take the Liverpool and Manchester City clash as the reference point again, a viewer of the game could watch the first quarter of an hour and come to the following conclusions:

There will not be a ludicrous amount of goals

James Milner is having a torrid time against Phil Foden

There are not usually more than 10 corners in a Premier League encounter

Liverpool might not win, but they look good for a draw

Conclusions that could be easily placed onto a Create Your Bet slip and instead of having to watch six games at once – which unless you work for a broadcasting company is nigh on impossible, you only have to master one and this is where the most obvious advantage to the parlay reveals itself.

Not only that, but it just adds a greater layer of fun to any Premier League clash you may be watching and if you can turn that fun into profit, you will be counting down the days until your next Create Your Bet opportunity comes around.

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