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In-Play Betting On Premier League Games

In-Play Betting on Premier League Games

For those of you who like to place a Premier League wager but also prefer to see the lie of the land at the same time, the pre-match 1×2 market or any other offering for that matter, may not necessarily be the one for you. Live betting, also known as in-play betting is now available on Premier League games at

However, that does not mean you cannot put your money where your mouth and with a proliferation of in-play betting over the past few years, you can now place a wager during 90 minutes of English football action.

Why Bet In-Play?

For those who ask the question as to why in-play betting offers an advantage, the answer should be rather obvious, and it is one that can both minimise risk and offer you a greater chance of winning at the same time.

Say for example Chelsea are playing host to Manchester City at Stamford Bridge and with these two teams being considered evenly matched, it becomes more difficult to predict the outcome before a ball is kicked in anger.

However, when these two teams recently met in the Premier League, Manchester City took the lead in the second half through Gabriel Jesus and with the Brazilian bursting the back of Chelsea’s net, it also tilted the odds further in the visitor’s favour.

With Pep Guardiola’s men being a goal ahead in West London, the advantage was certainly with them and for those who then took a view at the in-play 1×2 market, City’s odds would have shortened considerably

To add further context to this, we can look at the pre-match odds going into the game:

Chelsea +191

Draw +221

Manchester City +165

While City were favourites, it was still particularly close to call and this can be seen by the fact that even though they were tipped to win, it was still a plus bet in terms of the odds that were being offered on the moneyline.

Then again, it only takes a goal to disrupt the market and by the time City celebrated the game’s opening goal, the in-play 1×2 market odds would look more like below:

Chelsea +600

Draw +350

Manchester City -224

As you can see, City are now even clearer favourites and with Jesus scoring in the 53rd minute, there were 37 minutes left remaining in this particular market – which is where the in-play element now becomes apparent

Stick Or Twist?

Now that City have a clear advantage, it makes life all the easier for Premier League betting fans and instead of having to decide over the course of 90 minutes, they only need to worry about nearly a third of the total time instead.

Of course, with betting in-play marginalising the risk attached to any bet that you place, you must allow for the fact that the odds will be less than at the start of the game. Then again, that is not necessarily a bad thing either.

Because the in-play market, is one of the favourite pursuits of those who like to build a bankroll over the course of a season or multiple seasons of the Premier League – if only because it is akin to buying money.

Safe As Houses

One thing to look out for when looking at placing at in-play bets, are outcomes that are nearly over the line and although you may not win a huge amount of profitability in one single bet, it can quickly be a method that boosts your prize pot.

While a shrewd in-play bet to place is one that looks at goals instead of winning outcomes (although the latter is still recommended if the right score can be found) and the best time to place a bet of this ilk is just after the interval.

Using another Premier League example, we can use Tottenham’s recent clash with Manchester United as grounds to place another winning bet and in doing so, start our way to slow but certain profitability.

With Cristiano Ronaldo putting United 1-0 up just before the interval, a look at the in-play over/under market is the next port of call and in an instance such as this, you want to try and find a bet which offers the security of three more goals being scored.

In this example, the in-play bet you are looking to place is over 4.5 total goals – one which means Tottenham and Manchester United, can only score a total of four goals between them. Anything more and the bet will be a loss.

Small But Almost Certain

Admittedly the odds will be rather small – perhaps as small as -3333 but at the same time, the probability of you winning this particular bet is considerably high and especially if you place this bet around the 51st minute of the game.

If you can get odds of -3333 with just under 40 minutes of the game to go, the chances of two teams scoring four goals between them are incredibly slim. Chances which mean your bet is much closer to getting over the line.

Of course, at these odds you may need to lay down a considerable stake to get even a small return on your betting slip. However, with the odds severely tilted in your favour, it goes back to the adage of buying money

Something that if we use the example fixture above, would have seen some money being bought. Even though Tottenham lost 3-0 to Manchester United, it was still under the total goals threshold, and this means your in-play -3333 bet would have got over the line.

While such is the balance of power in your favour for bets of this kind, that it can be quickly repeated over the course of any Premier League weekend, and this mean you can build up gains on each of the 10 fixtures that are contested per round.

Like many profitable betting systems, there are two attributes that are absolutely fundamental for it to work. Patience and discipline. You will not get rich overnight but if you do not apply these two in-play facets, you will not get rich at all.

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