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Hockey Prop Betting – Best Prop Bets During The NHL Play-Offs

Hockey Prop Betting – Best Prop Bets During the NHL Play-Offs

While betting the money line and puck line are the most popular markets for Hockey. Many bettors also enjoy hockey prop betting.

You can place a prop bet on either a player or a team to achieve specific benchmarks over a game. This makes it interesting especially when one team is the overwhelming favourite in the money line and the puck line looks a bit too much.

If there is a star player that matches up well against an opposing team’s lineup or tactics then hockey prop betting.

As a result, hockey prop betting can be a good option for astute hockey fans during the playoffs.

Hockey Prop Betting – Options

Player goals are one of the most popular prop bets on hockey. This is where you place a bet if a player will score over/under a number of goals. However, some bettors prefer to look at other player performance stats for prop bets.

All in all, prop betting should provide additional entertainment outside of the money line or puck line options. As a result, many hockey fans enjoy making prop bets as they enhance the experience of watching a game.

Shots on Goal – Hockey Prop Betting

This bet is on a player to achieve over/under the shots total for a game. During the playoffs especially if the series extends out over the minimum number of games additional insights can be gained by bettors on actual performance against the same opposition over a number of games. However, bookmakers also have this information.

As a result, many hockey bettors enjoy this type of bet. Especially if they believe a player can make adjustments over a series of games.

Assists – Prop Bets on Hockey

Another interesting prop bet on hockey is over/under assists. When considering a player prop bet assists are a market many experienced bettors look towards.

In summary, you bet if a player’s total assists for the game is over or under the number of shots outlined.

Goalie Saves

On top of shots on goal and player assists, you can also bet on the number of saves a goalie makes. Again, as with all hockey bets analysis of the opposition is important along with an understanding of the player concerned.

So, if you think a Goalie will be busy over a given game then this bet is something you should consider. However, on the flip side, if you think they will be inactive then the under might be the way to go.

Player Goalscorer Hockey Prop Bets

As outlined above, the most popular prop bets on hockey relate to the number of goals a player will score. This is the primary objective of hockey so it makes sense that most sports bettors would look to this type of prop bet first.

However, there are a number of options available. Here are the three main choices for player to score hockey bets.

Score First

You place a bet on a player that you believe will score first.

Score Last

Bets are placed on the player to score last. So if they score the last goal in a game the bet will win.

Score Anytime

The player to score anytime during the game.

Like other player prop bets during the playoffs, how you interpret performance in previous games in the series will influence the upcoming game will be a factor in your betting selection.

You can place goalscorer hockey prop bets at VIPCasino.

Player Points Prop Betting Hockey

We have looked at assist betting and goalscorer betting. However, there is a prop bet that combines both. This is the player points prop bet. Players are awarded points when they score or assist a goal. One point is awarded for an assist and one point is awarded for scoring a goal.

Essentially this is an over/under bet on how many points a player will accumulate in a game.

As you can see, this is a very interesting type of bet because both goals and assists make up the points total.

Ultimately, points prop betting is quite popular both during the regular season and into the playoffs.

Power Play Points Betting

This bet counts the points earned by a player on the power play. It is common for the over to offer a higher return because the bet is limited to power plays.

This is an interesting variation on the standard player points prop bet.

Team Prop Bets Hockey

After looking at player prop bets we now move on to team prop bets. Basically, these are scenarios within a game that you can place bets on.

For example, total team goals, total shots, first team to score and both teams to score in a period are all team prop bets.

Like player prop bets, hockey team prop bets offer something different to the money ad puck lines available on a given game.

There are also variations on team prop bets. For example, bets broken out by period. These can increase interest to a game. In conclusion, during the playoffs placing a team prop to add to the enjoyment of the game is an option many hockey fans consider.


Hockey prop bets are a good option for those looking for a different type of bet to place. They can be interesting during the playoffs because they add to the entertainment of watching a game.

All in all, prop bets are another option for hockey fans as an alternative to moneyline and puck line bets.

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