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In-Play Hockey Betting

In-Play Hockey Betting

In-play hockey betting is surging in popularity in Canada. It involves betting live on the action as it happens. During live games, odds change based on trends within the game. You can bet on various outcomes on your phone while watching the game on T.V.

In Play Hockey Betting – What To Expect

Well, we all know that hockey is one of the faster sports on the planet. As a result, betting in-play has a different feel than betting in-play on football. However, if you are a fan of the game and understand each teams strengths and weaknesses you can follow trends in odds for key outcomes. As a result, you may believe that there is value on certain in-play markets as the game develops.

Player Stats

Although you are betting in-play understanding player stats for those on the ice can be helpful. Knowing how teams match up can help give context to live odds.

Also understanding how line changes will impact the game is key to a successful in-play betting strategy

Like standard prop bets like total goals or puck line spreads, having data on goaltender performance is helpful. Especially if you are watching a team go through a purple patch but believe the other team will ultimately come out on top.

However, in-play hockey betting is more about the enjoyment of watching the game and placing a bet based on what you see developing than detailed statistical analysis.

Power Plays – In-Play Hockey Betting

Understanding the impact of power plays on the likelihood of outcomes is another core element of betting in-play. You could see good value if you get the timing of your bet placement right.

All in all, understanding how each part of the game typically plays out will help your in-play betting. However, you also may see something by watching the game that you feel has not been priced into the odds. This is where you can leverage your hockey knowledge.

Betting Markets For In-Play

Winner/Moneyline (3 way or 1X2)

Bet on who will win or draw the game outright.

Winner (no tie)

Different winner odds when the tie option is removed.

Puck Line

Bet on a team to beat the spread

Over/Under Goals

Bet over or under a set number of total goals

Alternate Total Goals (Over/Under)

Different over/under totals

Team Total Goals

Bet on the number of goals scored by one team

Team Total Goals (Excl. Overtime)

Overtime is excluded from the bet

Puck Line – (Incl. Overtime)

Overtime included

Over/Under (Incl. Overtime)

Overtime included

First To Score

The team to score first or you can also select “neither”

Last To Score

Bet on the last team to score. Neither is also an option.

Both Teams to Score (Excl. Overtime)

Both Teams to Score Excluding Overtime.

Alternate Total Goals

Different total goals for over/under

Double Chance (Excl. Overtime)

Your team or a tie.

Tie No Bet (Excl. Overtime)

If there is a tie the bet is void.

Total Goal Odd/Even

If the total goals number is odd or even

Winner X Period

The winner of a specific period

Race to X Goals

The first team to reach X number of goals

Puck Line X Period

The Puck Line of a specific period

Correct Score

The correct score of the game

Asian Lines – Puck Line

Asian lines for the Puck Line

Over/Under – Asian Lines

Asian lines for over/under


The NHL is the most popular hockey league in Canada. However, other International leagues are also available to bet in-play.

Here is a sample of international leagues that you can bet in-play

  • Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)
  • Swedish Hockey League (SHL)
  • SM-liiga
  • Czech Extraliga
  • National League A (Switzerland)

Fans of hockey outside of the NHL have plenty of games to bet on across multiple leagues. If you are not a fan of either team competing in-play betting can bring some additional enjoyment to watching the game. All in all, there are lots of betting opportunities from leagues across the globe.


In-play betting on hockey has never been easier. The quality of the live betting interface means that you don’t even have to be watching the game on T.V. to place live bets.

However, the dual-screen experience of watching a game and placing bets on your mobile, tablet or laptop is more enjoyable. You can actually see how both teams are performing and may decide to place a bet outside of any statistical analysis based on how you see the game unfolding.

You can place in-play bets on the NHL and other international leagues. So, if you are a major hockey fan there are lots of options for you.

In summary, in-play betting hockey is action-packed and fast-paced. It can be an enjoyable experience for hockey fans and bettors alike.

You can bet in-play on hockey at VIPCasino.


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