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NHL Betting Canada – Guide

NHL Betting Canada – Guide

Hockey has a special place in the hearts of us Canadians. As a result, NHL betting Canada is very popular. Perhaps more so than in any other country the average sports bettor has more hockey knowledge in Canada.

However, for hockey fans new to betting there are a number of betting terms you need to understand.

This guide will outline betting terminology and the type of bets you can place on NHL games.

NHL Betting Canada – Moneyline and Puck Line

The first thing you should become familiar with is the difference between the moneyline and the puck line.

Moneyline NHL Bet

The moneyline is a bet placed on the winner of the game. It’s that simple. You place a bet on the team that you believe will win the game. There is no spread attached to the score. If your team wins then your bet wins. It’s straightforward.

Puck Line Betting NHL

If you are familiar with football betting then you will easily understand puck line betting on hockey. The puck line in hockey is the same as betting on the spread in football.

So, your team must beat the spread. if the puck line is -1.5 goals your team must win by 2 goals or more to win. However, if your team is +1.5 goals your team can lose by a goal and your bet would win.

Puck Line – Per Period

You can place puck line bets per period. This is interesting as you can take advantage if you think a team will start fast or finish strong. All in all, you have options when betting on the puck line.

Alternate Puck Lines

If you believe a team will outperform the puck line by a substantial number of goals there are alternate puck lines you can bet on. This gives you even more options.

Puck Line – Asian Lines

Another variation of the puck line is the Asian line. The lines are different from the standard puck line. Traditionally experienced bettors would only bet on this market but as the common bettor becomes more educated this market is growing in popularity.

Read more about puck line betting on hockey.


NHL Player Prop Bets

You have more options to bet on in addition to the moneyline and puck line. When it comes down to NHL betting Canada a type of bet has surged in popularity. That bet type is player props. As a result, more and more hockey bets are being placed on this bet category.

For those unfamiliar, player prop bets are bets on specific player stats.  For instance, goals scored, assists etc.

Player Goalscoring Prop Bets – Hockey

Prop bets on player goalscoring can be on the following

  • First
  • Last
  • Anytime

It is self-explanatory what these bets are.

Assists – Hockey Player Prop Bets

Assists are another popular player prop bet on the NHL. You bet if a player achieves over or under a certain number of assists in the game.

Shots on Goal – Player Props NHL

Yes, even shots on goal can be bet on. The number of shots in a game for a particular player is totalled. You bet if the player will get over or under the declared number of shots in the bet.

Goalie Saves – NHL Player Prop Bets

Yes, even the goalies can get in on the action. Goalie saves is another popular player prop bet.

Player Points – Prop Bets Hockey

Player points are a combination of assists and goals. A player is awarded one point if the score a goal and one point if the make an assist. You bet on the total number of points obtained by a player during a game.

Power Play Prop Bets

These bets cover action during power plays. They commonly involve the number of points a player gets during power plays.

Team Prop Bets – NHL Betting Canada

As well as player prop bets you can make bets on team props. There are bets on total goals scored, goals scored in a period and other team totals from a game or period.

Find out more about player prop betting on the NHL.

NHL Outright Betting

Outside of betting on individual games, you can bet on teams to win the Stanley Cup, Conference or Division. On to of this you can also bet on end-of-season awards such as the Hart Memorial Trophy.

Learn about player awards outright betting on the NHL.

NHL Betting Canada – Conclusion

As you can see betting on the NHL is more than the 1 X 2 market. There are a whole host of betting opportunities you can avail of.

As outlined above, player prop bets are in vogue right now. We expect this trend to continue for years to come. However, this will not take away from the more established moneyline and puck line bets.

Ultimately, Canadians have lots of options to bet on the NHL. This is especially the case in recent years.

The key to fully enjoying NHL betting is to do your analysis before placing a bet. See if you can uncover opportunities not reflected in the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Remember, there are a lot of markets you can bet on and in some cases, there may be better value outside the standard moneyline and puck line markets.

However, you can also place bets on hockey to enhance the enjoyment of the game. For a lot of bettors, this is why they bet. If you are neutral watching a game, placing a bet will make the game more interesting.

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